Empowering the automotive sector for human rights and environmental
due diligence and to drive collaborative action
Empowering the automotive sector for human rights and environmental
due diligence and to drive collaborative action

Welcome to the Raw Material Outlook

A platform helping users manage and remediate human rights risks and the environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts of raw materials through value chain mapping and ESG risk identification.

This Drive Sustainability initiative empowers the automotive industry’s environmental and social due diligence and fosters sector and multi-stakeholder collaboration. It is a first step for unpacking each material value chain by mapping each stage, outlining principal actors, and identifying the most salient ESG risks.

The RMO provides a tool for individual automotive companies and the Drive Sustainability group to analyse materials’ value chains and advance responsible sourcing endeavours.

How does the RMO support and enable action?

Phase 1 | Value chain mapping

Each commodity value chain is mapped from the point of extraction of the material up to the manufacturing of automotive components. The value chain mapping is a fundamental component of the RMO as it supports the identification of major impacts and guiding prioritisation of the most salient risks and impacts. It will also help identify key actors who have most leverage to address the issues identified.

Phase 2 | Risk identification and prioritisation

An overview of materialised and potential risks for each stage of the value chain to guide risk prioritisation.

Phase 3 | Dialogue and engagement

To engage and establish dialogue with value chain actors and stakeholders for specific materials and cross-value chains when applicable.

Phase 4 | Action

Follow-up on the elaborated leverages by collective and/or individual company action enriched through engagement and monitoring of risks.


How to access the information?

Select a raw material below, then choose among the following information:

Market Intelligence

Learn more about the raw materials, relevance for the automotive sector, prices and production data at each stage of the value chain.

Value chain and risks

Discover which actual and potential ESG risks are linked to each stage of the raw material value chain to assess how they might impact the OEM.


Get a brief snapshot of the raw material value chain, ESG risks and market intelligence.

To find out more about the value chain of materials covered by the RMO, select from the below:

Why the Raw Material Outlook?

By using the RMO, Drive Sustainability partners can better develop collaborations and identify leverages to integrate sustainability throughout the global automotive supply chain. This initiative is an important step in Drive Sustainability 2030 strategy connected to Sustainable Raw Materials. Other raw materials might be added in the future.

The RMO enables Drive Sustainability and its partners to:

  • Further analyse the value chain, based on identified stages and producing companies and locations, for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) own due diligence and ESG risk assessment.
  • Guide Drive Sustainability engagement with different stakeholders involved in the value chain of the materials in scope.
  • Identify leverage points and actions that OEMs can consider as individual companies, in the framework of the Drive Sustainability initiative or though sector and multi-stakeholder collaboration.
  • Explore potential for collaborative action between Drive Sustainability partners and automotive suppliers engaged in Drive+.